Palletizing grippersApplication Pronal grippers

Bottle manufacturers and bottling plants are using gripper systems for palletizing and de-palletizing of bottles. Each client has unique problems:

  • Different lengths of inflatable grippers
  • Different gripper diameters to accomodate the space between bottles

Therefore, Pronal developed custom solutions with inflatable grippers for palletizing and de-palletizing of bottles and flacons.


Our technical department develops for you the products that meet the following requirements and criteria:

  • Length
  • Diameter
  • Attachment type
  • Food grade compliance
  • Material reinforcement
  • Number of inflation fittings

Our teams can also design and manufacture pneumatic grippers to meet your specific needs.

• Adapting to different diameters
• Quick installation
• Maintenance free


Interview on the utilization of our pneumatic palletizing grippers

«We have been using Pronal products for over 10 years. Before that we had semi-automatic de-palletizers operated by one person. During the process of our growth, we acquired two new automatic de-palletizers with a capacity of 12000 bottles per hour and the ability to pick up new bottle shapes. During this phase, Pronal helped us to define the suitable grippers and optimize the necessary quantities.

In our program we have 15 bottle shapes that require only 3 models of grippers. In some cases we only need to adjust the spacing.

In recent years we improved our products to make them more reliable. Without Pronal we would not have been able to achieve this type of reliability. For example, by adding fabric reinforcement in the lower part of the grippers, the durability was increased significantly. In addition, we are using pneumatic air bladders on our pallet conveyors. The cooperation between our two companies will help us in further developments..»

Application of palletizing grippers for handling bottles / Alexis Pinot interview – Bottles manufacturer Manager


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