Application Pronal lifting bags for heavy loads

Levage de camion avec un coussin de levage

Lifting bags Pronal lift truck

Companies in different industries are always searching for simple, safe and effective solutions for lifting heavy objects.

Sometimes there is a very limited space available for lifting, equipment maintenance, to change tires on a truck, or even lifting an aircraft. Others are required to lift loads under difficult circumstances, such as freeing a person, or to split granite blocks. There is a simple and effective solution for all these applications.

Fortunately, a standard or custom solution, simple and powerful, is made for these cases.

For all of these applications, Pronal is offering different types of lifting bags. Our inflatable lifting bags are used to lift loads up to 65 tons (Type CLT) and more (81 tons – CPF). Due to their thickness of less than 25mm, they can be inserted into tight spaces. For example, sometimes it’s not possible to use a standard jack when lifting a car or a truck. The lifting bags are ideal for extracting people pinned under vehicles, as well as for splitting granite blocks in quarries.

With a safety factor of 4, our lifting bags are safe, efficient and easy to use. The contact surface and the stability are greater than with conventional lifting jack.

• Lift capacity 65 tons
• Stable
• Low thickness

These lifting solutions can be used in many areas:

Our lifting bags lift elephant

Our lifting bags lift elephant

Did you know?

There was a time when our aircraft tested the power of our lifting cushions against heavy loads, but not just any way! When wewant to do tests at Pronal, we see things in big! That’s why we brought an elephant (yes yes, a real one) to our society to face our super inflatable cushion. Elephant VS CLT, according to you who won? We told you, nothing resists our lifting cushions, not even this Pachyderm!

Vehicules lifting with Pronal lifting bags

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