1. Determine the available footprint and required stroke

The stroke is proportionally linked to the space available. Each lifting bag has its own expansion limit, which is approximately half of its shortest side. Thus, in order for the bag to reach its full intended height, enough space must be provided for it to grow.

2. Determine the required force/thrust

Once the bag is defined in terms of dimensions, it is necessary to calculate the required inflation pressure by using the above formula.

3.Determine the required accessories

The inflation stem/port is the key element to activate the bag. It can be located on the face or the edge (some restrictions may apply for some models). Therefore, it is important to let us know the preferred placement before finalizing the design of your machine.

4.Verify potential environment issues

Is there anything critical in the environment where the bag will be placed? Food industry requirements / chemicals in contact with the bag / sharp edges close to the bag / temperature range requirements / …

According to the environment issues, some options will have to be proposed: FDA (food approved) rubber, high temperature rubber, stainless steel stem/port ….


Simulation gonflage vérin gonflable pronal Levage - déplacement - pressage - bloquage - freinage- guidage - vérin gonflable sur mesure

Formula for calculating the required inflation pressure:

Lifting force (F in DaN) = Pressure (P in bar) x Surface (S in cm²)

Pressure = force de levage / surface