Lifting loads till 85 t at 170 mm height.

Thin and compact, PRONAL’s Platform-Lifting Cushion is the ideal product to lift heavy and horizontal objects effortlessly.

Their interlocking flat top and bottom makes them easily stackable by 3s and make them the most forgiving solution in compromised stabilization situations.The weight of the object being lifted and their surface provide a secure lifting column.

Technical information

  • Layers of elastomer coated aramid fabric
  • Vulcanization under vacuum in an autoclave

  • Large selection of inflation accessories such as dead-man inflation controllers, inflation hoses, safety couplers and more.








  • Can be stack by 3
  • Horizontal lifting
  • Can be used and operate in conjunction with conventional lifting bags and control systems


  • Non sliding surface
  • Extremely stable


Pronal CPF high pressure lifting cushions implementation