Flexible, inflatable cylinder

Flexible, inflatable cylinder


A Turkish manufacturer contacted Pronal with a request to develop an alternative to their existing compression system which was no longer adequate for their manufacturing process. To meet this requirement, Pronal designed a flexible, inflatable cylinder. This cylinder not only solved their problem but also improved the efficiency of the manufacturing process.

The goal was to develop a very thin cylinder which could be placed inside a machine and which was capable of producing more pressure than was possible with traditional cylinders. The Turkish manufacturer contacted Pronal due to Pronal’s reputation for developing custom inflatable products, including flexible, inflatable cylinders.
Pronal’s engineering department proposed a pneumatic cylinder that is 150mm x 200mm in size. When the parts to be bonded arrive underneath the cylinder, it inflates and puts pressure on the part to be bonded. Afterward it is pushed forward and blocked in a certain position where it cannot fall out of the machine. The inflation pressure is adjustable so that different types of parts can be bonded.


“(….) In the video you can see our newest innovations that we developed together with Pronal.

Since we have been manufacturing our products for many years, it is necessary for us to adjust our manufacturing processes to new materials and shapes. In addition, it is critical that we keep improving our productivity. Pronal’s engineering department has been very helpful in developing new solutions for us. The application of pneumatic cushions has many advantages due to availability of complex shapes and surfaces, the flexibility, and suitability for a variety of applications. During our discussions with Pronal about our specific problems, we were able to identify additional improvements in our manufacturing processes thanks to their expertise.



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