Application Pronal inflatable compensators or inflatable baloon

Inflatable compensators for the wine making

There are several steps involved in wine making. Traditional methods have proven to be cumbersome and affect the quality of wine. To save time and improve the quality, the company Vinifair developed a new method of making red wine using the Pronal inflatable compensators, also called inflatable baloon. This method protects grapes from oxidation, enables complete submersion of the grape husks and longer soaking. Vinifair offers different shapes of these compensators which conform to the complex shapes of the wine tanks: rings of various sizes, horse shoe shapes, rectangular shapes, etc.

Our technical department can design for you custom inflatable compensators made of PU material in a variety of shapes and dimensions. Polyurethane is absolultely air tight and is suitable for contact with foods and has no negative effect on the quality of wine or other liquids. Due to their flexibility they are very easy to install. Compensators are suitable for separation of liquids, for isolation of oils in hydraulic circuits, pressurization of liquids, etc.

• Food grade material
• User defined
• Autonomous

Interview of the inflatable compensators use

Video of the Pronal inflatable compensators application in the process of wine making Vinifair company with Pronal inflatable compensators (inflatable baloons) in the wine cellar

«It was in 2013 that we used the flexible cubitainers made of PU for the first time. We used them to equalize the volume in a wooden wine barrel from which several hectoliters of wine were missing. This gave us the idea to use compensators for our application. When searching for manufacturers of such compensators we found Pronal.

 We are now using the inflatable compensators to equalize the volume in wine barrels. At the same time, the wine is protected from oxidation during the entire process of making wine. At the same time, the inflatable compensators allow us to fully utilize the grape residues in the red wine. In the past, the traditional methods had a negative effect on the quality of wine. The missing volume in one barrel was replaced by adding wine from another barrel or the volume was compensated by using another barrel. Changing to ever smaller barrels increased the cost and was very labor intensive. The new method of using compensators improved the quality of wine. The outstanding properties of this product are high quality, user defined design and the capability to manufacture different shapes. Together with Pronal we would like to set up a distribution network for these applications both in France as well as for export.» Mr.VATAN – Vinifair companyManaging Director Vinifair


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