webVolume Compensation – inflatable compensator by Pronal

In a hydraulic system, the oil volumen varies with changes of ambient temperaturas as well as when a hydraulic motor is actuated. The fluid in a hydraulic circuit must be protected from external contamination. The same principle of volumen compensation applies to other fluids as well, such as wáter.

A hydraulic volume compensator is a bladder that sucks the air into the tank as well as forces the air out of the tank in order to compensate for change in volume. The compensators can be installed inside the tank as well as outside the tank in order to protect and separate the oil and other fluids from the atmosphere. The internal pressure of the Pronal compensator equals the internal pressure of the tank. As a rule, the compensators are installed in systems that are under negative pressure, however, they can also act as shock absorbers in cases of overpressure. They are made of Nitrile material that is vulcanized under high temperatura or of Polyurethane assembled by high frequency welding. The temperatura range for the Pronal compensators is from -50 C to +110 C.
• Different materials for different applications • Significant temperature range • Available in different shapes (square, cylindrical, cubic) • Variety of connections (threaded connections, hose connections of different materials



« We are very satisfied with your compensator bladders. They are installed in two small tanks of a mobile hydraulic unit that is exposed to radiation in a hydro power plant. Their function is to fill the volume of the “dry” area with water to equalize the water level proportional to the cylinder volumen.

This is a completely new approach for us. We see it as a an advantage both in terms of functionality and reliability. It enabled us to significantly increase the capacity.

I am planning to use the same system for additional applications.»

France Nuclear Application / Testimonial of the R&D Director


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