Application of inflatable lifting bag to lift kiln sticks

Application of inflatable lifting bag to lift kiln sticks

 Inflatable lifting bag application

PRONAL has developed a lifting solution for a well-known company with operations in Canada and the United States in several fields like forestry & forest products, industrial equipment, construction services & Building Materials. As per wood processing, they use kiln sticks to maintain gauge between the layers. They are used for the drying of lumber. Once all levels are stacked, it’s impossible to remove them or to adjust their placement…

The objective was to develop a lifting system thin enough to be inserted between the layers but strong enough to lift the whole column…


Our custom made inflatable lifting bag is the ideal solution for that purpose. Really thin but with a heavy lifting capacity, It’s made to measure to meet the customer’s requirements. In this case, inflation coupling has been placed at the extremity of the lifting bag, to allow a total insertion between the layers without damages.
• Low Thickness / Easy to insert
• Save time
• Safety
• Made to measure


Interview about  inflatable lifting bag used

« The air bag system has officially been made part of our everyday process on our stacker out feed and is performing exactly the way I had envisioned.  Because we are in Maine, I had a minor issue with the fitting on the end of the supply hose freezing up but that has successfully been addressed.

We are now able to fix and replace all kiln sticks that were incorrectly placed on edge or insert the ones that were not placed at all.  As a matter of fact, with this air bag we are able to fix multiple issues in one layer at one time by placing the air bag in the middle of the pile and lifting the entire top half up.  We did a time trial and we are able to safely perform these fixes in seconds and on top of that, we are doing this with the air supply regulated back to 38 lbs.»

Application of inflatable lifting bag to lift kiln sticks / Michael – Sawmill Superintendent


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