Application VTRInflatable lifting cushion for wedging & adjustment.

PRONAL has been contacted to develop a wedging & adjustment solution for big pieces on the assembling line of a French engine manufacturer.

With inflatable wedging bags, the goal is to adjust the space between the different parts of the jibs. Jibs are being maintained distant one from another, this allow to end with assembly process in good conditions. Different points were to consider:

  • The piece weight : around 100 kg
  • The insertion area : between 5 and 10 mm

PRONAL solution :

This kind of Pronal inflatable cushion has been developed according to transformers manufacturers needs, in order to adjust their coil winding.Its design and properties answer to all users’ requirements. As per its initial use, it has many advantages:

  •  Do not damage the surfaces under pressure
  •  Easier to use than traditional methods
  •  Reduce workers’ production time
  •  Low thickness to be inserted in cramped spaces.
  •  On-size manufacturing to be use in any situation.

Interview Area :

Mickael C. – Technician

“Pronal inflatable lifting cushions are totally innovative in our company. We use it to maintain different parts of engine jigs during wedging operations. Workers can work with its two hands, which brings him a comfortable way to work and make the operation safer. Those inflatable lifting cushions have been chosen to replace the previous effort levers we had before, which caused some accidents due to its sliding.”


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